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Welcome to, your portal for practical data science walkthroughs in the Python and R programming languages

I attempt to break down complex machine learning ideas and algorithms into practical applications using clear steps and publicly available data sets. If you're looking for applied walkthroughs of ML and AI concepts, you've come to the right place - happy learning!

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  34. Office Automation Part 2 - Using Pre-Trained Word-Embedded Vectors to Categorize the Enron Email Dataset

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  36. Easy Market Profile in Python: Grasp Price Action Quickly

  37. What-if Roadmap - Assessing Live Opportunities and their Paths to Success or Failure

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  49. Analyze Classic Works of Literature from Around the World with Project Gutenberg and R

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  54. Getting PubMed Medical Text with R and Package {RISmed}

  55. Find Variable Importance for any Model - Prediction Shuffling with R

  56. Bagging / Bootstrap Aggregation with R

  57. Feature Hashing (a.k.a. The Hashing Trick) With R

  58. Yelp, httr and a Romantic Trip Across the United States, One Florist at a Time

  59. Quantifying the Spread: Measuring Strength and Direction of Predictors with the Summary Function

  60. Downloading Data from Google Trends And Analyzing It With R

  61. Using String Distance {stringdist} To Handle Large Text Factors, Cluster Them Into Supersets

  62. SMOTE - Supersampling Rare Events in R

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  64. How To Work With Files Too Large For A Computer’s RAM? Using R To Process Large Data In Chunks

  65. Predicting Multiple Discrete Values with Multinomials, Neural Networks and the {nnet} Package

  66. Modeling 101 - Predicting Binary Outcomes with R, gbm, glmnet, and {caret}

  67. Reducing High Dimensional Data with Principle Component Analysis (PCA) and prcomp

  68. The Sparse Matrix and {glmnet}

  69. Brief Walkthrough Of The dummyVars Function From {caret}

  70. Ensemble Feature Selection On Steroids: {fscaret} Package

  71. Mapping The United States Census With {ggmap}

  72. Using Correlations To Understand Your Data

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